Friday, July 23, 2010

Lineage Verse

"A particular lineage master wanted the verses he once wrote to be read. It has to do with achieving awakening,

Buddha nature deep as sea,
Middle and side see differently,
The way is between existence and void,
Verbal interpretation trifling.

Monks with fame and riches,
Ludicrous desire for motley of doctrines,
Greed and temper still bound,
Beginning and cessation never depart.

Buddhas of three ages,
Never apart from root wisdom,
Relinquish it to seek Bodhi,
Who attains Bodhi-hood?

Enlightened master understands this heart,
Relinquish all conditioned phenomena,
I have no grasp of time,
Disremembering the meaning of my words.

from a talk by Master Sheng-yen Lu


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