Sunday, October 24, 2010

“Anyone who claims to study the dharma (teachings of the Buddha) without thoroughly investigating all of the traditions of the Mahayana (the “Greater Vehicle”) and who likes to bicker over the slightest points of language saying, ‘You say this, but I say that’ completely misses the point.”
-Gyalwa Ensapa (1505 - 1566)


"If you knew how hard it is to acquire,
Living the average life would be impossible.

If you saw its great benefits,
You would be sorry if it stayed meaningless.

If you thought about death,
You would make preparations for your future lives.

If you thought about cause and effect,
You would stop being reckless."

-Lama Tsongkhapa(1357 - 1419)


"Meditate in the unborn nature of the mind:
Like space, no centre, no limit;
Like the sun and moon, bright and clear;
Like a mountain, unmoving, unshakeable;
Like the ocean, deep, unfathomable."

- Milarepa

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