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The True Buddha Sutra

The Sutra of Authentic Dharma that Removes Hindrances and Bestows Good Fortune

This True Buddha Sutra is the spontaneous revelation from the heart of Living Buddha Lian-sheng, the emanation body of White Mahapadmakumara of the Maha Twin Lotus Ponds in the Western Paradise.

Supplication for the blessing of Living Buddha Lian-sheng:

With reverence I make my purified body, speech, and mind an offering to Vairocana. The holy Buddhalocana is the dharma body, Padmakumara is the bliss body, and Living Buddha Lian-sheng is the emanation body; these three bodies being the same in essence as the Buddha`s grace.

Homage to his True Buddha lineage and his transcendent power that encompasses the whole universe. Radiating light throughout the Three Times, he can manifest himself instantaneously. Disciples of Buddha should constantly cry out for his pure light which enhances blessings and wisdom.

In the past, his buddhahood was prophesied by Shakyamuni Buddha and he was entrusted with the mission of salvation by Amitabha Buddha. Maitreya Bodhisattva bestowed upon him the Red Crown and Guru Padmasambhava taught him the Tantra.

We pray you never abandon your vows to liberate us all. Thus, as you embrace and enfold us with protection and care, empower us to quickly attain realization.

Namo Vairocana Buddha.
Namo Buddhalocana.
Namo Padmakumara.
Namo Living Buddha Lian-sheng.

Namo the True Buddha Assembly, all buddhas, bodhisattvas, and mahasattvas everywhere throughout the Three Times.

Recite the Sacred Edict three times:
The Western True Buddha Assembly, the Maha Twin Lotus Ponds, the Eighteen Mahapadmakumaras, the Holy Revered One Robed in White, the Holy Red Crown Vajra Master, the Lord of Secrets of the Realm of Vajra-mantra, the Great Enlightened Founder of Ling Xian True Buddha School: the Eminent Tantric Adept Sheng-yen Lu.

Incense Praise:
The incense is now lit, suffusing the dharma realm, and from afar the scent is inhaled by the True Buddha Assembly. Auspicious are the gathering clouds, as we now request, with sincere and earnest hearts, that all buddhas manifest.

Namo cloud canopy of fragrance, bodhisattvas, mahasattvas (3 times).

Namo True Buddha Assembly, all buddhas, bodhisattvas and mahasattvas (3 times).

Invocation of the Two Buddhas and Eight Bodhisattvas:
Namo Vairocana Buddha of the All-Conquering Palace in the Dharma Realm.
Namo Amitabha Buddha of the Western Paradise.
Namo Mahasattva Avalokitesvara.
Namo Mahasattva Maitreya.
Namo Mahasattva Akasagarbha.
Namo Mahasattva Samantabhadra.
Namo Mahasattva Vajrapani.
Namo Mahasattva Manjusri.
Namo Mahasattva Nivaranaviskambin.
Namo Mahasattva Ksitigarbha.
Namo all bodhisattvas and mahasattvas.

Sutra Opening Verse:
The most supreme profound dharma,
Is rarely encountered in hundreds and thousands of kalpas,
As I receive this transmission and blessing,
I vow to penetrate the true meaning of the Tathagata.

The Sutra of Authentic Dharma that Removes Hindrances and Bestows Good Fortune, spoken by Living Buddha Lian-sheng:

Thus, have I heard. At one time, White Mahapadmakumara was present at the Maha Twin Lotus Ponds, sitting upon the great white lotus dharma throne; surrounding him were seventeen other great lotus blossoms. The Green Lotus radiated green light, the Yellow Lotus yellow light, the Red Lotus red light, the Purple Lotus purple light. Each lotus blossom was mysteriously wonderful, pure, and full of fragrance.

White Padmakumara, silently calling forth his spiritual power, transformed the Maha Twin Lotus Ponds into an extraordinarily splendid place filled with golden light. All the flower buds simultaneously burst into fragrant blossoms. Jade grasses sent forth a wonderful scent. White cranes, peacocks, parrots, saris, kalavinkas, and jivajivas all took on a golden hue, and sang graceful heavenly songs in harmony.
The sky filled with golden light. A pure and wonderful heavenly melody resounded from the sky. Fragrances suffused all realms. Golden sky-abodes, adorned throughout with golden lotuses, radiated splendor. From the sky there showered heavenly flowers.

At that moment, the ground shook violently in the Maha Twin Lotus Ponds and throughout countless heavens tremors could be felt. Buddhas, bodhisattvas, and sound-hearers all felt it as well and came to the Maha Twin Lotus Ponds, as did the rulers of all the Thirty-three Heavens. The assembly included beings from the Twenty-eight Heavens, Lords Indra and Brahma, the eight classes of supernatural beings, and the fourfold assembly, all of whom came to hear the revelation of quintessential teaching.

At that moment, the Golden Padmakumara emitted the Great Wisdom Light. The White Padmakumara emitted the Dharma Realm Light. The Green Padmakumara emitted the Ten Thousand Treasure Light. The Black Padmakumara emitted the Subjugation Light. The Red Padmakumara emitted the Vow Light. The Purple Padmakumara emitted the Majestic Light. The Blue Padmakumara emitted the Virtuous Fruition Light. The Yellow Padmakumara emitted the Fortune Fulfilling Light. The Orange Padmakumara emitted the Child Innocence Light.

Upon seeing this, all the heavenly beings were greatly awed. Then Indra arose from his seat and, joining his palms to White Padmakumara, said, `This is most rare, O Holy and Revered One. By what cause does the Maha Twin Lotus Ponds emit such great light and splendor?`

White Mahapadmakumara said, `I will expound upon this for everyone present.` Indra said, `The Holy Revered One is the most mighty and powerful. Please explain to everyone present, that all men and devas may know where to turn.`

At that moment, White Mahapadmakumara addressed Indra and the assembly as follows: `Very well, very well. I will now explain to you and all the beings of the last period of this Buddha-kalpa, and all those in the future who have an affinity with the sutra, so that all may know the True Buddha Tantra and the principle that removes hindrances and bestows good fortune.`

White Mahapadmakumara then said, `All buddhas and bodhisattvas have, in order to liberate living beings, manifested the worlds known as `All-Conquering,`Wonderful Treasure,``Round Pearl,``Sorrowless,``Pure Rest,``Dharma Thought,``Full Moon,``Profound Joy,``Profound Completeness,``Lotus,``Immutable,`and `Omnipresence.`Now, there shall be the `True Buddha World.``

Thus, the buddhas, bodhisattvas, sound-hearers, solitary-buddhas, and all the heavenly beings witnessed the Holy Revered One bringing forth the True Buddha World, understanding it to be a manifestation of the cause and fruition of great compassion of the auspicious well-departed ones of the past, present, and future, and realizing that the Holy Revered One came for the sake of all beings. All present were moved by joy as never before. Then, bowing their heads, they made praise with these verses:

The Holy Revered One of great compassion,
The Secret One who is most supreme,
Had attained enlightenment in the past,
And transcended all worldly passions.
He now establishes the True Buddha World,
Showering compassion on all living beings.
Transforming himself into a pure land founding buddha,
He descends into the saha world.
With Lian-sheng as his name,
He announces and proclaims the dharma to all.
We all now have heard,
And shall vow to protect and uphold his dharma.

At that moment, the holy revered White Mahapadmakumara instructed the assembly, saying `In cultivation, the key to realizing the Buddha Jewel Sambodhi is a quiescent mind; that of realizing the Dharma Jewel is purity of body, speech, and mind; that of realizing the Sangha Jewel is refuge in a True Buddha Guru.`

The Holy Revered One further instructed the assembly, saying `If good men or women, on the eighteenth day of the fifth month of each lunar year, make ablution, abstain from meat, and wear new and clean clothes, or on the eighteenth day of each lunar month, or on their own birthdays, call upon the Two Buddhas and Eight Bodhisattvas before the shrine, and reverently recite this Sutra of Authentic Dharma that Removes Hindrances and Bestows Good Fortune, then their supplications will be answered. Moreover, if incense, flowers, lamps, tea and fruit are offered, along with sincere prayer, then all wishes will be granted.`

The Holy Revered One told the assembly, `People of this saha world, be they high officials, nobility, renunciates, householders, yogis, or common folk, who, upon learning of this sutra, uphold, recite, print and propagate it, shall prosper above all others, have greater lifespan, obtain either a son or daughter as sought, and be blessed with measureless fortune. This is indeed a great fortune-bestowing sutra for obtaining blessings.

One may have ancestors, enemies, close ones or creditors who are unable to obtain liberation and remain lost in the nether world. However, by upholding, reciting, printing, and propagating this sutra, the deceased will ascend to heaven, enemies will be turned away, and those living will be blessed. If there be a man or woman seized by negative forces or afflicted by spirits, or confused and haunted by nightmares, then, by upholding, reciting, printing, and propagating this sutra, all negative influences shall be banished, thereby restoring peace and ease.

If one suffers the physical retribution of illness and calamity, whether due to non-virtuous body karma from previous lives or to the afflictions of spirits, then, by upholding, reciting, printing and propagating this sutra, ill omens will immediately disappear and the causes of illness will quickly be removed. If one suffers from misfortune, legal entanglements or imprisonment, then, by upholding, reciting, printing and propagating this sutra, all such obstacles will dissolve immediately, and calamities will be vanquished and turned into auspiciousness.

Should nations enter into war, then whoever upholds this sutra and enthrones the image of Padmakumara, setting up offerings before it, immediately receives extra prowess wherein no battle can be lost. Those who uphold, recite, print, or propagate this sutra will receive all blessings, just as they desire. All hindrances will be removed, and the sufferings of the cycle of birth and death will be extinguished.`
Then, in the Western True Buddha Assembly at the Maha Twin Lotus Ponds, White Mahapadmakumara proclaimed this mantra:

`Om, gu-ru, lian-sheng sid-dhi, hum.`

When the Holy Revered One completed this discourse, Indra and the whole assembly, including devas, nagas, the rest of the eight classes of supernatural beings, and the fourfold assembly, all paid reverence. They brought forth faith and upheld the teaching.

Thus ends The Sutra of Authentic Dharma that Removes Hindrances and Bestows Good Fortune.

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