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Chapter 12 - The Eye Mara

A wealthy forty-plus year old man by the name of Wang-en once walked pass a cemetery and his eyes contacted a wind that seemed to be blowing sand into them, rendering them reddened and itchy. He consulted a doctor but after some treatment his eyes no longer stay reddish and itchy, but his vision became blur. Wang-en's vision had become poor and deteriorated in time. Though he had gone for many treatments, none had worked and eventually he became completely blind. He had to reply on his crutches and the help from his family to move about. The days of darkness went on for two years. In these two years, Wang-en consulted almost all the famous ophthalmologists(eye doctor) he could find and tried out every kind of special remedies, including Chinese medication. Whenever he heard of any man of exceptional skills, he would rush over to meet him. He would also seek consultation with any reputable fortune teller and psychic medium. Yet, his condition had not improved despite all the medication, acupuncture and special remedies. He had prayed to the gods and Buddhas but to no avail.

That year, I returned to Taiwan from the United States to preach the Dharma. Wang-en sent someone to request an appointment. However, my schedule was tight and there was simply no free time left to meet any stranger. Thus his request was turned down.

Wang-en told his family, "I heard Living Buddha Sheng-yen Lu possesses great spiritual power. I must meet him!"
His family said, "He is busy."
Wang-en said, "Then we go to the airport to try our luck!"
His family said, "We heard that upon his arrival to Taiwan, thousands of people will be at the airport to welcome him. There's no way anyone can go near him."
Wang-en exclaimed, "I must go!"
"It's useless even if you're there."
"If I go, there's a hope of meeting him. If I don't go, than all is lost." Wang-en insisted.

His family could not talk Wang-en out of it, so they went with his wish and brought him to the international airport. If Wang-en had waited for me at the arrival hall in the airport, his chance of meeting me would be zero, as they would be tens and thousands of people waiting. Even my mom and mother in law could not get close to me. I was surrounded by the crowd and whisked away to a car and quickly drove off.
But Wang-en's family had good connections in Taiwan and his friends arranged to get Wang-en an entry pass which allowed him to enter the customs and immigration checkpoints and walked straight right up the arrival gate outside the door of the aircraft. This method of engagement was indeed most remarkable. When I arrived and walked out of the docking exit, I saw a man wearing a suit and a dark sunglasses, kneeling beside the aircraft door. A lady was supporting him.

The man said to me, "I am Wang-en and have come specially to receive Living Buddha."
I said, "Good! Good! Thank you!"
I held him up. He continued to say, "I am Wang-en."
I replied, "Wang-en! Er! Wang-en!" Actually I had no idea who this Wang-en was!

We walked and Wang-en told me, "Living Buddha! I am sick for two years and my eyes have become blind. I tried to meet you but was turned down, thus I come specially to receive you, to ask Living Buddha to bless my eyes so that they become bright again." When I heard this, I finally realized what it was all about. To me, these matters are a regular occurrence. Often people close in on me and ask for a blessing. But it was rare to find someone such as Wang-en who actually waited and knelt at the aircraft door seeking a blessing. His chest area actually hung an official reception pass of the administrative personnel!
I said no further and extended my palm and pressed on Wang-en's head. I also used the Sword Mudra and gently touched Wang-en's eyelids. I told him, "The blessing is done."

Wang-en thanked me profusely. At this time, the group of people welcoming my arrival had approached and they also wore the official reception pass of the administrative personnel in front of them. They told me they were late because the airplane had arrived earlier than scheduled. There are many True Buddha disciples who work in the Aviation Police Bureau, Customs, Immigration Department and the Passport Control Bureau etc... When they arrived, Wang-en moved even further away. I waved goodbye to Wang-en but obviously he could not see that. We quickly stepped into the VIP room.

After receiving the empowerment, Wang-en went home. His eyes did not regain their vision and there was hardly any improvement. Thus, it made no difference whether he had received a blessing or not. But that very night, Wang-en overheard a conversation between two beings, whispering these words.

One said, "This Living Buddha Lu almost forced two of us out!"
Another added, "When he pressed his head once, I found myself shrinking to half my size. If he should press again, I would have disappeared!"
"When he touched my eyelids, I felt an earthquake!"
"I dropped to the floor and couldn't get up!"
"Did you hurt yourself?"
"I lost much of my vitality!"
"What was the scale of this earthquake?"
"I think it's at least eight on the scale!"
"Can we continue to stay here?"
"We have been here two years. I cannot bear to leave!"

When Wang-en heard this, he was shocked! Wang-en questioned these two beings, "Who are you? Are you living in my eyes? Between us we have no scores to settle, so please leave!" Wang-en spoke, but there was no reply. He decided he should meet me one more time. After all, there was some kind of reaction, and meeting me could bring results. But his family opposed.

"Please don't be superstitious!" His family voiced out.
"I really heard voices!"
"You must have imagined it!"
"Only this once!"

His family rebutted, "This is not the first or tenth or fiftieth times you seek these people of magical skills. Every time you went with high hopes and expectations; and all of them have claimed to cure you, none of them could. In the end you always became disappointed. It's better to forget it!"
Wang-en pleaded, "Just this once. I really heard voices!"
"It's probably a dream!"
"Only this once, please!" Wang-en kept pleading.

During my Taiwan Dharma tour, my schedule had been very tight. Grand Dharma Ceremonies were conducted in the northern, central and southern Taiwan, at stadiums that were packed to full capacity. Besides, I had to visit every local chapters and Dharma centres in Taiwan. Once, while having my meal in a restaurant, an attendant said to another, "Should we report to Grand Master?"
"I think we better not. Grand Master is too busy!"
I turned around and asked, "What's the matter?"
The attendant replied, "A blind man whose name is Wang-en has been following us for two three days in a car, and he kept requesting a meeting with Grand Master. We had turned him down many times, but he never gave up. We almost couldn't take it anymore!"
"Ah! Wang-en! I know! Please let him in!"

Wang-en and his family were quickly led into the restaurant. I gave Wang-en another blessing. I said, "I have this Clear Vision Sutra and Clear Vision Mantra. I am passing this to the family of Wang-en, so that your family may teach you how to recite. Upon recitation, the eyes shall radiate light."
Wang-en was overjoyed. I wrote the Clear Vision Sutra and handed it to Wang-en's family.

The Clear Vision Sutra as Spoken by the Buddha

Namo the All Illuminating Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva. The Thousand-arms Thousand-eyes Kuan Yin Bodhisattva. The two eyes resemble two golden lamps. In the west where the Buddha throne is lies a pagoda. In the assembly of the Tathagata exists one sutra. Manjushri Bodhisattva is riding his lion. Samantabadra Bodhisattva is riding on the elephant king. The two eyes resemble the heaven. Mara within man. Mara within the eyes. All the hindrances within the eyes shall be removed. Veil within man. Veil within the eyes. All the cloud and fog within the eyes shall be cleared. Clarity within man. Clarity within the eyes. All the light spots within the eyes are glowing brightly. When someone recites this Clear Vision Sutra, the individual shall gain clear vision in every life. Mahamayura Vidyarajni, the Peacock Dharma Protector is spiritually in tune. The Kuan Yin Bodhisattva offers peace and tranquility. Om Siddamta Bajuna. Namo the All Illuminating Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva Svaha.

I handed the Clear Vision Sutra to the family of Wang-en. Wang-en was very happy to receive the Clear Vision Sutra and regarded it as a jewel. This sutra only records the names of the Bodhisattvas and a small line of mantra. This makes it very easy to memorize. Before long, Wang-en was able to recite the sutra by heart.

Wang-en recited the sutra countless times every day. And on the 49th day, during the afternoon, a roll of thunder sounded in the sky. Wang-en was frightened by it and was shivering away. Then he felt two things rowed out of his eyes. These things seemed like tears but they were not tears, and they appeared to resemble a bead but they were not. But once they rowed out, everything changed. In fact when thunder and lightning came, Wang-en heard and sensed both the thunder and lightning flashes.

His eyesight improved everyday since. He could slowly see things and eventually, he regained his full vision. Wang-en exclaimed, "Hooray to Grand Master Lu! Hooray to the Clear Vision Sutra! My eyes have finally recovered!"

This is:
While it is true that all things are subjected to nature's law,
To recover from illness would depend upon a good connection.
When one obtains a genuine sutra one shall become as clear as the mirror.
Within this clarity everything in the world shall be reflected.

During my tour to preach the Dharma, there was once when I sat on the Dharma throne and felt something flew into my eyes, causing some unease and pricking. My eyes became redden and I felt very uncomfortable. That night, after dipping some eyedrops I went to bed. I too heard some voices, "Grand Master Lu, Living Buddha Lu, Pardon our intrusion."
Confused, I questioned, "What's the matter?"
"We're the tenants of Wang-en but Wang-en has just chased us out. Every injustice has its perpetrator and every debt has its debtor. So we are moving into your house!"
I instantly knew what was going on.
"Are you the Maras within the Eye?"
"That's right."
"What will happen to my eyes?"
"Blindness." The Eye Maras said.
"I can drive you away from Wang-en. What makes you think I can't get rid of you the same way?"
The Eye Maras said, "You're too involved in the game to see objectively like the onlookers."
I asked them, "How many people have you victimized?"
I said, "Very well then! You have harmed many Souls and today you have chosen to enter a place where you could have avoided. I will not let you off!"
The Eye Maras shouted, "We're not afraid of you!"

I shut my eyes tightly to seal off their escape. Water poured out from within my eyes and this water is no ordinary water. This is the 'mythical cosmic sea of low-buoyancy water' that flows below the Kun Lun Mountain. Not even feather can float on it. Water gurgled continuously, filling my two eyes into two great oceans. The two Eye Maras yelled, "We're drowning. We can't swim. Let us out of here!"
I said, "No way!"
Eventually, the two Eye Maras were drowned. These evil beings who had caused so much harm to others finally had a taste of their own medicine.

I, Living Buddha Sheng-yen Lu suffered no harm at all!


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