Thursday, June 10, 2010

How To Suppress Sexual Desire

The living Buddha Sheng-yen Lu said:

After studying Buddhist Tantrayana, I discovered an authentic Tantric practice that eradicates sexual desires. In general, the exoteric scriptural schools resort to the following methods to suppress sexual desire:

1. Viewing the body as impure
2. Viewing the body as a skeleton
3. Viewing the body as emptiness

Tantrayana also advocates the practices of "chi, channels, and light drops." In these practices, "the movement of chi opens one's channels, fire and light are engendered inside the channels, and one can attain the accomplishment of 'the non-leakage of light drops'." Throughout the process of these Energy Yoga practices, a kind of "pleasure" is engendered when chi moves through the channels, and an even greater pleasure is engendered when the light drops move through the channels. These pleasures far surpass the ordinary pleasures produced by sexual orgasms.

After experiencing the authentic greater pleasures engendered by Energy Yoga practices, the carnal pleasures engendered between man and woman pale in comparison. Therefore, the practice of Energy Yoga can be used as an antidote for the arousal of sexual desires.

I have realized that:

The circulation of chi throughout the body is associated with great bliss and pleasure.
When the channels are filled with light, one attains a supreme pure awareness.
The practice of light drops leads to a realization of the indestructible, unperturbed Buddha Nature.
I finally was able to liberate myself from the snares of human instinct, realize the true nature of Buddhahood, and attain Great Bliss, Light, and Emptiness.

I have also realized how pitiful and foolish it is for humans to remain trapped by their baser instincts. Out of sexual desire, man is born; out of sexual desire, man also perishes.

In the process of seeking an insignificant pleasure that is itself transient, numerous evils arise. The risks are not worth the trouble!

I would like to tell everyone that I have, through my practices, arrived at the above-mentioned realizations and attained the authentic Great Bliss!

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