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Chapter 8 - This is what Tathagata Shakyamuni Expounds

A businessman by the name of Gu Quan had contacted stomach cancer. He searched everywhere for a cure but his condition showed no signs of improvement. His illness deteriorated and both the Western and Chinese doctors could do little about it. On the other hand, his belief in secret remedy had made him spent considerably in purchasing such prescriptions, but they remained ineffective.

Gu Quan was so desperate he decided to approach the deity and asked, "If I am cured of my cancer, I'll vow to build a temple and serve in the temple as an attendant for the rest of my life."
The deity replied, "You shall recover."
Gu Quan asked, "Which godly being can cure my cancer?"
The deity answered, "Shakyamuni Buddha."
"How can I find Shakyamuni Buddha? Where does he stay?"
"Go look for him at the Buddhist temple."

Gu Quan had never stepped into a single monastery in his life. Thus when he arrived at the Buddhist temple, and asked where he could find Shakyamuni Buddha, the priest told him that the Buddha was in the Precious Hall of the Great Hero. When Gu Quan stepped into the main Buddha hall, he saw the golden statue of Shakyamuni Buddha seated in the middle of the hall. He bowed to the Buddha and made his promise. But the Buddha remained still and did not treat his condition at all.

Gu Quan became frantic, and asked a monk, "Can the Buddha cure illness?"
"If you're sincere, things happen."
"Where can I find Shakyamuni Buddha who can cure illness?"
The priest had wanted to laugh, but held his laughter and replied, "If you're sincere, things happen."
Gu Quan then asked, "I want to look for Shakyamuni Buddha to cure me of my illness. Where can I find him?"
The priest replied with a verse, "Do not go the distance to seek for the Buddha who resides in the spiritual mountain. The spiritual mountain actually lies within the heart."
"In the heart?" Gu Quan did not understand.
The priest became impatient after Gu Quan's persistent questioning and finally told him, "Go find Sheng-yen Lu."
"Why Sheng-yen Lu?"
"Because..."the priest startled and said, "Because Sheng-yen Lu and Shakyamuni Buddha always enjoy having coffee together."
This priest had read my books and he remembered my detailing of how I had coffee with the Buddha at a cafeteria.
Gu Quan was thrilled to learn this and exclaimed, "I want to have coffee with Shakyamuni Buddha!"
The priest hurried him along and said, "Go quickly. Hurry up. Go fix an appointment with Sheng-yen Lu!"

Gu Quan actually did come to see me. I told him that Shakyamuni Buddha was actually the son of the King Suddhodana, ruler of Kapilavatthu. His mother was Queen Maha Maya. He was born in the Lumbini Park, east of Kapilavatthu, and was named Siddhattha.
In his youth, the Buddha contemplated on the inexorable nature of life, such as hardships faced by the farmers, the sight of animals killing each other for food, and viewed the fighting in life with much distaste.
Whiling travelling through the city, he witnessed the phenomenon of birth, old age, sickness and death. Thus, the Buddha, in his renunciation, became a monk. For six years he went into ascetic practices and later realized such austerities were not the way to enlightenment. He later bathed in the river Neranjara and accepted the offering of milk-rice from a village girl.
Finally, he sat in meditation under the bodhi tree, contempleted on the Four Noble Truths and the Twelve Links of Dependent-Arising, and became the Enlightened World-honored One, teacher of devas and men.
Since his Enlightenment, the Buddha had traveled to many places and preached to many groups of beings for forty years. In the year 487 B.C., the Buddha entered Nirvana under the two Sala trees near the city of Kusinaga.

I briefly recounted the life of the Buddha and upon listening to my narration, Gu Quan finally understood. Gu Quan said, "I asked the god, and the god said my cancer will recover if I can find Shakyamuni Buddha to cure my illness. Now that I understand Shakyamuni Buddha's life story, it appears that my cancer is incurable."

I told Gu Quan, "Not true!"
"You mean you have a secret remedy?"
"It's not that. You need to have faith when you fight cancer, and there are numerous cases of cancer patients who have survived the ordeal. You can believe in the Buddha, and learn from his teachings. You can find liberation through them."
"This is how Shakyamuni Buddha heals?"
"That's right."
Gu Quan was very inquisitive and asked, "Buddha had died more than two thousand five hundred years ago. How is it possible that you can drink coffee with Shakyamuni Buddha?"
I asked him, "Do you believe it?"
"I believe."
"If you trust me, I shall explain this to you clearly. The truth is actually quite simple. Though the Buddha had entered into Nirvana, his spiritual light spans the universe. This is similar to Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva who can answer a thousand prayers and appear simultaneously. The Buddha ranks higher than the Bodhisattva and thus can do likewise. I, Living Buddha Lian-sheng, Sheng-yen Lu have cultivated the spiritual light and I can certainly meet the Buddha and drink coffee with him in our spiritual light bodies. This is Soul meeting Soul, and is actually a very natural thing to do."

I said, "Besides this, when a person passes away, his body may be destroyed but Soul remains. When another person dies, these two Souls can meet each other. I mean to say that the difference between life and death is simply one where a physical body exists, and one which it doesn't. Life and death is thus one reality. In birth one refers to existence in the human world and in death one refers to existence in the netherworld."

I continued, "I can cultivate to the level of Soul leaving the body, and as long as I stay concentrated, seated in yoga posture, circulate the Chi, channel, light drop, and light, and moves my Soul out of the body, I can enter the Dharma Realm and meet Shakyamuni Buddha himself!"

Gu Quan listened but not quite fully comprehended my words. But he said, "Since you can meet up with Shakyamuni Buddha, can you do me a favor and ask the Buddha how can cancer be cured!"
"Ah!" I paused and thought about this before I said, "To meet the Buddha depends on circumstances and affinity. It happens naturally."
"No matter what you must help me!"
"All right!" I nodded my head and said, "But you have to listen to my instruction. You need to enshrine a statue of Shakyamuni Buddha, recite one sutra, and chant Shakyamuni Buddha's epithet with focus and perseverance. Can you do this?"

Gu Quan displayed the utmost sincerity as he enshrined the statue of Shakyamuni Buddha. I taught him how to recite the High King Avalokitesvara Sutra, and recite the Buddha's epithet.

Gu Quan believed these words, "One is liberated from the suffering of birth and death, and freed from all the many kinds of suffering" as outlined in the High King Sutra. Gu Quan was even more devoted and sincere in his recitation of the sutra and epithet because of his illness.

This is:
In reciting any sutra one should persist all the way,
Ceasing all thoughts if you may.
In Saha's Ocean of Suffering one shall see,
The wind and wave is as calm as it can be.
Thus riding in a boat towards the Lotus Land,
One sails steadily.

One night, I had a strange dream. I found myself walking along in a lane. As I was walking, I suddenly heard the cries of men and women; a group of young and old people numbering about a hundred running towards me. They looked like they were running from some calamity.

I asked, "What's happening?"
One of them said, "The robbers killed their way into the village and we escape!"

Who is the leader of the robbers?"
"Gu Quan." The person replied.

While in the dream, I realized Gu Quan's cancer was a result of his past karma. He had killed too many men and the resentment crystallized as cancer. Gu Quan's karma was heavy and it was no easy task to save him. I felt very dejected and in deep sorrow I broke down and cried.

As I was grief-stricken, I heard a voice from the sky, "Lian-sheng, why are you so sad?"
I replied, "Gu Quan!"
When I replied, I looked up the sky and saw Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva. The Bodhisattva was all smiles, her hands holding a vase with a willow stem. She turned the vase and said, "Lian-sheng, look!"

Out of the vase emitted a white light. This white light is one of magnificence and wonder, complete in all merits and shows no indifference towards all. It is inconceivably limitless in its scope and yet it can change with the flow and strength of the wind. It surpasses the Three Lower Realms(Tridusgati).

Within the white light appeared men, women, young and old, a mix of all kinds of people. I was amazed at the sight. Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva said, "These are the Souls of those killed by Gu Quan. Now I am leading them away. In future, these Souls will become the manifestation of lotus born from Tathagata Amitabha's pure consciousness. They share the same world and there shall be no other."

I was overjoyed and said, "So those killed by Gu Quan are now liberated by Bodhisattva?"
"That's right."
Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva added, "When I was at the Maha Thunder Monastery, Shakyamuni Buddha instructed me that should I meet Lian-sheng, I need to teach you a mantra so that you can in turn impart it to Gu Quan. This mantra shall purify Gu Quan and set his body and mind at ease, eradicating the cancerous tumor completely."

"What is the mantra?"
Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva then recited the supreme mantra:

"Tadyata Alante Alame Sribi Sili Sili Mahasiji Sambobato Svaha."

I memorized the supreme mantra and held my palms in respect and saw Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva off. The Bodhisattva gradually left on auspicious clouds. I taught Gu Quan the supreme mantra. He was very hardworking and recited the mantra day and night.

Gu Quan went for a medical check up after two months and found out his stomach cancer had miraculously disappeared. The count of cancerous cells was zero. Gu Quan had a full recovery and this sent him jumping for joy.

I was happy for him. This is:
Reciting mantra leaves no room for erroneous thoughts.
Every sound of chanting thus flows from within the heart.
Purifying all the way,
The rootless cancerous tumor shall disperse naturally.

Later, I came across the Sutra of Curing Malignant Tumors and Hemorrhoid in the Buddhist Canon and realized the similarities between the mantra from the sutra and the one transmitted by Shakyamuni Buddha himself. I was amazed to find out that the so-called piles as described refers not only to piles and hemorrhoid, but also tumor and cancer. If you read the text of the sutra you shall know what I mean.

I am including the sutra here:
The Sutra of Curing Malignant Tumors and Hemorrhoid

Thus have I heard. At one time the Buddha was in the Bamboo Park in the city of Rajagriha, accompanied by five hundred monks. Many monks were suffering from malignancies and hemorrhoids and as a result they had become thin and weak. Tormented day and night by these diseases, the monks lived in constant pain and agony. The Venerable Ananda observed the situation and went to the place where the Buddha was. Bowing his head in obeisance before the feet of the Buddha, Ananda stood up and said to the Buddha, "World-Honored One, there are many monks residing in Rajariha who are suffering from cancerous diseases and as a result have become thin and weak. They are living in constant pain and are tormented by these diseases day and night. World-Honored One, is there a way to cure these diseases?"

The Buddha said to Ananda, "Listen to this Sutra of Curing Malignant Tumors and Hemorrhoids. Read and recite it, accept and uphold it. Memorize it well and propagate it far and wide. These tumors and hemorrhoids will be removed. Tumors formed from internal wind, heat(disorder), blood disorder, combination of wind, heat and blood disorder, bleeding hermorrhoid, stomach cancer, nasal cavity and paranasal sinus cancer, oral cancer, tongue cancer, eye cancer, ear cancer, head cancer, arm and feet tumor, spinal cord cancer, rectal tumor and hemorrhoid, tumors or sarcomas arising from the skeletal and connective tissues.

Such tumors will fall off upon drying and thus be eliminated. All diseases shall be cured. Thus, recite this magical mantra. The mantra:

Tadyata Alante Alame Sribi Sili Sili Mahasiji Sambobato Svaha.

"Ananda! North from here, there is a huge snow mountain where this Phalasa tree called Sudurjaya (Difficult to Conquer) grows. It has three types of flowers. One is early bloom. Second, full bloom, and third, wrinkled. Likewise, the monks' illnesses shall dry up and fall off like the flowers. The blood shall stop bleeding and you shall find no pus. The monks' suffering and pain shall be eliminated and they shall recovery completely. This is due to the action of drying up the tumors."

If you recite this sutra constantly, you shall gain the knowledge of recollecting seven of your past lives, thus achieving attainment of the mantra. Svaha."

Thus, another mantra:
Tadyata Jarmi Jarmi Sajami Samani Sajani Svaha.

When the Buddha had finished expounding this sutra, Ananda and the other members of the assembly were filled with joy, and they believed and accepted it and respectfully put it into practice.

I personally feel that illness ranks first among the sufferings in this Saha or human world. The Buddhist sutras mention that arising from the four elements of earth, water, fire and wind are four hundred kinds of illness. Every illness is tormenting and painful, especially cancer, as it remains incurable till date.

Shakaymuni Buddha's mantra on curing cancer is:

"Tadyata Alante Alame Sribi Sili Sili Mahasiji Sambobato Svaha."

This mantra is rarely seen and not many are aware of it. It is recorded in the Chinese Buddhist Canon (Zhonghua Dazangjing) first series volume five on page 16868. This mantra has helped many.

I know of another case. A person by the name of Ho Chai approached me. He knelt at my front door and despite my attempts to lift him, he simply refused to stand up. Until I promised to save him, he would remain kneeling. I finally gave in, and he stood up.

I asked him, "What's wrong?"
"Cancer, last-stage."
"What cancer?"
"Hodgkin's lymphoma in the armpits." Ho Chai pull up his sleeves and showed me. I was taken aback at the sight of lymph nodes spreading over the skin. The malignant tumor cells had spread to the bones and other areas. I shook my head as I knew he was beyond any treatment. I asked, "What did the doctors think?"
Ho Chai replied, "Within half a year."
I told Ho Chai I would do my best to help him, but I could only do so much. He had to seek help from Shakyamuni Buddha himself!

I taught him the Cancer Curing Mantra of Shakyamuni Buddha. I mentioned that after chanting the mantra, he would need to recite these lines of blessing, "I am disciple Ho Chai, presently suffering from cancer. I pray to the Buddha for the blessing. May you bestow your compassion upon me so that my cancerous decease may be removed and my life prolonged. Namo Shakyamuni Buddha. Namo Buddhas of the Ten Directions. Namo Dharma of the Ten Directions. Namo Sangha of the Ten Directions."

Upon returning home, Ho Chai did as he was instructed, and after twenty-one days of cultivation, he saw Shakyamuni Buddha appearing before him in a twilight state between waking and dreaming. Shakyamuni Buddha spoke to him, "Ho Chai. Your illness is beyond cure. Leave with me!"
"No! I want to live!"
"The human world is but an ocean of suffering. It is a mansion in flame. Isn't it better to leave with me?"
"No! My wish is not fulfilled. I have to stay alive." Ho Chai insisted.
"How many more years do you need to fulfill this wish of yours?"
"Five years."
Shakyamuni Buddha said, "Very well then. You shall have five more years. You should continue with chanting your mantra."

Interestingly, after having this dream, Ho Chai's illness seemed to diminish, and he felt like he was normal and healthy like most people. The cancer was not eradicated, but it had not worsened, and went no further. Ho Chai lived another five years, and when the time came, his tumor spread and he passed away.

Ho Chai's cancer was not cured, but it had not deteriorated, thus allowing him to fulfill his wish before he left for good. Regarding Ho Chai's case, I feel it has little to do with the effectiveness of the Cancer Curing Mantra, but rather his time is up. Not even the Buddha can save his life. If his life can be saved, there will be no dead person on earth. However, I discover this Cancer Curing Mantra can prolong one's life, and I believe it can deliver one to the Buddha Land, thus explaining why Shakyamuni Buddha himself would appear and receive Ho Chai upon his death!


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